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Travel Gift Ideas 

tailored excursions tuscany

Traveling is one on the most satisfying pleasures in life. From the dreaming phase, to the choice of the destination and the first plans, the moment when you prepare you luggage and check the papers before leaving... every step, from the preparations, the vacation itself to the return, is precious and rich in emotions. 

Deciding to donate a member of your family or a friend of a Travel Gift is showing that you do care about them and their well being. You will give them the beauty, the excitement and the wonder of the world!

Gift Travel vouchers can be Monetary Deduction or Designed Experiences. The credit of the monetary travel vouchers can be spent on ticketing, for renting an accommodation or living a private experience.  

Purchasing the vouchers you'll get the access to exclusive complementary services and benefits that will make your experience unique. 

Rio Lungomare

Monetary deduction from €50, €100, €150 or your preferred amount that the guests can use in booking any accommodation or service we offer

charming accommodations tuscany

One or two nights in our charming suites or

3 nights in one of our selected fully equipped apartments in historic center 

Image by Bruna Branco

Decide to donate a moment of a lifetime, browse between our proposals or let us know what you have in mind and we'll put your dreams into reality 

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