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Top Experiences to live in Tuscany 

A collection of incredible and memorable unique experiences tailored for you.

Contact us to have your detailed itinerary. 

Image by Clay Banks

In the tomato fields like granma

TIME OF YEAR: July/August  

A tradition passed down to a generation to another. In the hot summer days, in August our grandmothers used to go in the fields and start pick the most colorful, saucy and ripe tomatoes. We as kids enjoyed to help them storing the harvest in big baskets, prepare the glass jars and to pick woods for the fire pit. Tomatoes in the jar where then boiled in a big  pot over the fireplace containers until they reach the best consistency. As a reward we were allowed to grab some corn cords to be roasted. This is a colorful tasty memory printed in mind of our childhood in Tuscany. 
The activity can take place from the morning, with the farmer we start preparing the jars and the fire place. We go picking tomatoes and start preparing the sauce. A good combination is preparing home made pasta with freshly brooded eggs. The simplest and tastiest Italian lunch. 
This is a traditional process chosen to maintain the organoleptic properties of the tomato and to propose a genuine and authentic final product. The glass jars full of sauce pass through the pasteurization process - i.e. they are brought to the ideal temperature to be stored for a long time, without preservatives or dyes.
You can decide to bring home some jars and use them during the winter months, to call back in your memory the hot Italian summer days colored in red. 

Image by Cristina Gottardi

Living the Trasimeno lake 

TIME OF YEAR: All year round 

Trasimeno Lake, surrounded by hills, vineyards and olive trees, old small towns and isolated castles is the largest stretch of inland water in central Italy and the fourth largest lake in the country.
​The lake’s shores run softly down to the water level so as you walk along, you can discover small beautiful beaches. Lake Trasimeno supports a precious ecosystem, rich in biodiversity both of animal and plant life.  
The Lake has three Islands: Maggiore (the only inhabited one),  Minore and Polvese.


Image by 🇨🇭 Marcel Gross | @marcelgros

Inside the Tuscan wine world 

TIME OF YEAR: All year round 

Discovering Tuscany through its wines and wine producers it's one of the most charming ways. In the days you will spend with us, you'll have the opportunity to visit, taste and compare various kind of wineries, each one with its personality, tradition, production and story. We will accompany you unforgettable journey getting to know the Tuscan's excellencies.  Multiple days  tastings are possible and can be planned upon your needs.

Transport in a private, air-conditioned car or minivan with English speaking driver and tour escort 
Pick-up and drop-off directly at your accommodation  (valid for the Comune of Cortona & Castiglion Fiorentino) - To be quoted for other locations
Lunch or light lunch, guided visits of different wine estates,  tasting of wines produced on site and other typical local products in combination, stroll in city centers

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